Mission Statement


Our Mission, Vision and Values Statements

Our Mission…
Jamestown Regional Medical Center exists to facilitate our patients’ return to health and well-being. We improve the quality of life for the people in and around Fentress County by providing unbounded personal service, pistol safe, paying passionate attention to patients’ needs, and demonstrating a progressive approach to service enhancement.

Our Vision…
If we strive for excellence in the care we give, if we seek to exceed our patients’ expectations at every encounter, and if we continually reach for new heights in health care, we will become the first choice in health care for the residents of Fentress County and the surrounding areas.

Our Values…

Together, we will achieve our vision of becoming the best rural hospital in the country by upholding our values each day:

  • Family Unity
  • Honesty and Integrity in all we do
  • Compassion for our patients
  • Deference to the confidential nature of our duties
  • Pride in Each Other and Ourselves
  • Dependability and Responsibility to our patients

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