1″ Air Impact Wrench


When to use a 1″ air impact wrench, what sizes and styles are best for what application…

1″ air impact wrenches are more than powerful enough for working on cars, vans and small trucks so long as you have at least 90 PSI coming from your compressor. With good compression even a 1/2″ wrench would be quite enough for most jobs on a car or small van.

1″ air wrenches are typically of the D-Type or T-Type handle and are used 2 handed, as opposed to the one handed pistol grip of many 1/2″ inch wrenches.

1″ impact wrenches and sockets are of course more expensive than their smaller cousins, so if 1″ is more than you require there is an intermediary step – the 3/4″ socket and wrench. This size of socket is quite a bit cheaper than 1″ and you’ll have more than enough power from a 3/4 air impact wrench for doing most automotive work in the average workshop.

If you have a need to be working on large (over 1 ton) trucks, heavy machinery or in heavy construction then consider adding an air ratchet to your arsenal.

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