1″ Air Impact Wrench

August 20, 2010

When to use a 1″ air impact wrench, what sizes and styles are best for what application…

1″ air impact wrenches are more than powerful enough for working on cars, vans and small trucks so long as you have at least 90 PSI coming from your compressor. With good compression even a 1/2″ wrench would be quite enough for most jobs on a car or small van.

1″ air wrenches are typically of the D-Type or T-Type handle and are used 2 handed, as opposed to the one handed pistol grip of many 1/2″ inch wrenches.

1″ impact wrenches and sockets are of course more expensive than their smaller cousins, so if 1″ is more than you require there is an intermediary step – the 3/4″ socket and wrench. This size of socket is quite a bit cheaper than 1″ and you’ll have more than enough power from a 3/4 air impact wrench for doing most automotive work in the average workshop.

If you have a need to be working on large (over 1 ton) trucks, heavy machinery or in heavy construction then consider adding an air ratchet to your arsenal.…


Hospital News

August 26, 2002

Jamestown Regional Medical Center News

We’ve Changed Our Name!!
As of August 26th, 2002, we have become Jamestown Regional Medical Center. This name signifies what we will become the hospital of choice to the residents of Fentress County and the surrounding areas.

Calendar Now Online…
Jamestown Regional Medical Center has recently added a community calendar to its interactive healthcare programming. Those interested in events of Jamestown Regional Medical Center are encouraged to check the calendar regularly for updated postings.

  • The calendar will include…
  • Health Classes
  • Programs
  • Hospital Events
  • Other Functions

If there is a notable health event in the community that could be added to Jamestown Regional Medical Center’s Event Calendar please feel free to contact us.…


Mission Statement

May 19, 2002

Our Mission, Vision and Values Statements

Our Mission…
Jamestown Regional Medical Center exists to facilitate our patients’ return to health and well-being. We improve the quality of life for the people in and around Fentress County by providing unbounded personal service, pistol safe, paying passionate attention to patients’ needs, and demonstrating a progressive approach to service enhancement.

Our Vision…
If we strive for excellence in the care we give, if we seek to exceed our patients’ expectations at every encounter, and if we continually reach for new heights in health care, we will become the first choice in health care for the residents of Fentress County and the surrounding areas.

Our Values…

Together, we will achieve our vision of becoming the best rural hospital in the country by upholding our values each day:

  • Family Unity
  • Honesty and Integrity in all we do
  • Compassion for our patients
  • Deference to the confidential nature of our duties
  • Pride in Each Other and Ourselves
  • Dependability and Responsibility to our patients


February 23, 2002

The History of Jamestown Regional Medical Center

Jamestown Regional Medical Center, formerly Fentress County General Hospital, admitted the first patient on March 1, 1960. The hospital had 39 beds. As the community grew, there became a need for a larger facility. On January 1, 1965, a 31-bed expansion opened.

During the year of 1982, the hospital added a Physical Therapy Department, Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound Department; and expansion of the Emergency Department from a one bed examination area to four beds.

Further improvements were implemented in 1984. A new dining area was constructed. Three outpatient rooms were added to the Emergency Department to provide an Outpatient Treatment Area. In 1986, an area was constructed to house the Business Office and Pharmacy. In 1987, a 14 bed Skilled Nursing Facility opened.…


Our Giftshop

February 14, 2002

Located in The Lobby

The Jamestown Regional Medical Center Giftshop has gifts for your friends and loved ones. Brighten up a patients day by surprising him or her with a special gift.

Gift Choices Available:

  • Balloons
  • Candy
  • Cards
  • Collectables
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Other Gifts

Please call us at 931-879-8171 extension #350 if we can be of any assistance.…


CEO’s Message

January 10, 2002


For over 40 years our hospital has taken steps to provide the best healthcare to our community. The staff and physicians at Jamestown Regional Medical Center are dedicated to the well-being and good health of all of our patients.

We are proud to offer this site as an excellent resource to keep you informed about your healthcare needs. Patient education and extensive medical research are now available through this website. provides health information, research tools, hospital news, a calendar of events, hospital contacts, and access to your physicians. Please use this website (Gunsafeguide.Net) to help educate yourself and your family.

Serving our patients is both a responsibility and a privilege. Our pursuit of excellence continues daily because our patients deserve no less.

Your opinions and suggestions are important to us as we continue our efforts to improve our services to you. We encourage you to contact us at any time with any comments or suggestions you may have.

Thank you for allowing us the privilege of serving you.

Kindest Regards,

Bern Philipp
CEO, Jamestown Regional Medical Center…